13 April 2020

Easee expands to Germany with Mister Spex

Easee expands to Germany with Mister Spex

Customers with corresponding values can use the online service to review their current prescription values free of charge from home. The online eye test offered by Mister Spex was developed by the TÜV1- and CE2-certified software company easee from the Netherlands and has been extensively clinically tested at the Utrecht Medical Centre3. Over the next few months, Mister Spex will gather additional feedback and information about experiences of the test from its customers, which will then be incorporated into its further development.

“In these times of coronavirus, online opticians are currently playing an important role in local care. We have therefore decided to now provide our customers with an online eye test. We are continuously reviewing how customers take up the offer. We want to help now since the majority of brick-and-mortar offerings have closed for the time being,” says Mirko Caspar, Managing Director of Mister Spex, explaining the move. Yves Prevoo, CEO of easee adds: “These are exceptional times and we are proud that our software can add value. We have spent many years researching and testing. Now we are able to do our part for medical care.”
In the current version, customers who want to have their current prescription values re-viewed can use a computer and a smartphone to carry out the test themselves in 15 to 30 minutes and determine any possible deviations from their previous values. All refraction values collected online are then validated again by trained optometrists.

“A major driver for Mister Spex was and is the development of innovative services – online and offline. We are convinced that digital refraction is the way of the future and we are pleased to be able to offer such a helpful tool, especially at this time,” emphasises Dirk Graber, founder and Managing Director of Mister Spex.

The online eye test is currently able to take measurements from customers between the ages of 18 and 40 with the following common refractive errors: myopia (up to -3.00 D) and astigmatism (cylinder up to -2.5 D). There are no restrictions to the range of prescription values for contact lens wearers. The test is not suitable for people with certain comorbidities, presbyopia and amblyopia.

How the new online eye test works
1. Before the online eye test starts, each customer is asked to answer a few personal questions about their age and current prescription values in a short online questionnaire. This checks whether the requirements for an online measurement process are guaranteed to be met.
2. For the test itself, the customer needs a computer, a smartphone, and a template the size of a credit card to scale the screen size.
3. The digital online tool guides the customer step by step through the test using a voice assistant and further instructions on the computer and smartphone screens. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.
4. To ensure the quality of the result, the collected values are always checked again by an optometrist.
5. After 24 hours at the latest, the customer will receive an email telling them that their new digital glasses or contact lens prescription is ready. This is automatically stored in the Mister Spex customer account.
In order to protect customers and employees from the coronavirus, Mister Spex had already decided in mid-March to close its 21 stores throughout Germany until further notice and to suspend new openings. All online offerings are still fully available to Mister Spex customers. This includes ordering and shipment of glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses and care products, as well as our extensive customer service.

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