Realising growth in retail

In the world of retail, making the right decisions at the right time is crucial for consistent success. Especially when it comes to inventory management. A sporting goods retailer that doesn’t have a particular pair of black, size 8.5 sneakers in stock when a customer asks for them, loses out on a sale. Conversely, having too much of any given product on the shelf, does little more than cost money. This is where Amsterdam-based Retailisation comes in. Providing advanced, data-driven inventory management software, the company helps retailers make decisions that radically improve the productivity of their stores.

Like the best of ideas, Retailisation was born out of experience. For years, founder Jasper Zeelenberg worked at companies like Footlocker, Mexx and Adidas, where he experienced the struggle of efficiently managing retail inventory first-hand. He became convinced that the supply chains of the future would be data-driven, highly responsive and much more in sync with retail demand. Several years later, Retailisation has become the leading platform of inventory management for fashion and sporting goods in Europe. Providing Software as a Service (SAAS), combined with a breadth of practical experience, Retailisation determines the optimal inventory level of a retail outlet, leading to an increase in both sales and Return on Inventory (ROI).

With plans to increase its international market share and add more services to its portfolio, Retailisation was looking for a partner to take the company to the next level. To divide is to multiply, as the saying goes. This is why Nimbus Ventures came on board, providing both capital and hands-on support. As an involved partner, Nimbus Ventures is instrumental in strengthening the commercial organization: optimizing the go-to-market strategy, setting up an international salesforce and professionalizing the marketing efforts. Retailisation will also benefit from the Nimbus network in shaping strategic partnerships. This paves the way for a strong and successful international rollout.

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