Lone Rooftop

Managing real estate with facts

Since the existence of large scale real estate projects, most of the investment and rental decisions, involving large sums of money, have been made without detailed knowledge of the actual usage of the available space involved. Enter Lone Rooftop, a Dutch trailblazer in the burgeoning domain of ‘proptech’; technology tailored specifically to real estate. Since its inception in 2014, Lone Rooftop has been helping large enterprises make the most of their real estate assets, using data gathered from various sources and applying smart algorithms. Now, partnering with Nimbus Ventures, Lone Rooftop is set to expand into U.S. and global markets, with a clear ambition to become the world’s leading space utilization platform.

To provide organizations with a better understanding of how their buildings are being used, Lone Rooftop developed the Position Intelligence Engine (PIE), a cloud-based technology platform that makes buildings intelligent by using real-time data, primarily collected from existing sources like WiFi. Using smart algorithms, PIE is able to calculate where and how many people are present in a building, providing invaluable data and actionable insight through Lone Rooftop’s Building Intelligence Dashboard. The result? Optimal utilization of available space, less time spent finding a workstation in a flex-environment and the opportunity to use lighting and climate systems that consume energy only when someone is using them.
Building on an impressive portfolio of blue-chip customers such as ABN AMRO Bank, Philips and Royal HaskoningDHV in the Netherlands, Lone Rooftop is now looking to strengthen the role of their innovative platform within the global real estate market, especially the United States of America. The growth capital provided by Nimbus Ventures will fund Lone Rooftop’s global support and expansion. In addition, Nimbus Ventures offers Lone Rooftop the experience and know-how necessary to scale up and break into highly competitive markets like the United States. With a truly innovative, valuable and scalable product, Lone Rooftop has the potential to grow into an international leader in the smart building market.

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