Caring for growth

Healthcare is human work, but in our age of smartphones and connected appliances, technology can really make a difference in providing better and more efficient care. Dutch company Boomerweb realized this and started to develop practical and intuitive digital solution for the healthcare market. With the launch of their first smart App, Boomerweb immediately hit it off. Because of an aging population in Europe and the increasing health care expenditures that go with that, Boomerweb’s in-house developed eHealth solutions proved to be a success from day one. Healthcare providers as well as governmental bodies benefit from Boomwerweb’s smart tools that help them monitor the entire healthcare process.

Currently, Boomerweb has three major eHealth solutions in the market. The first is the Medication Verification App, which allows for the efficient registration of drug administration. The second is in Image Care App, which provides a secure video calls for care professionals and patients. Lastly, the Wound Care App is a digital wound care record that can easily be accessed by regional teams, hospitals and physicians.

After a flying start, and working on many more innovations, Boomerweb’s management was looking for a partner to scale up the company. Nimbus Ventures saw the potential in this new solution for an existing problem and came on board to effect the necessary growth. Nimbus Ventures’ hands-on approach was instrumental in professionalizing Boomerweb’s organizational structure and in increasing the company’s commercial strength. This involved bolstering Boomerweb’s marketing and sales, developing clear pricing structures and the identification of strategic partnerships from the Nimbus network. Boomerweb’s sales power has already increased significantly, paving the way for a healthy future growth.

Boomerweb was sold to Enovation on February 1, 2021.

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