Innovative ideas that feed the world

Agrocares helps to bridge the world food gap from the ground up. Literally. Based in Wageningen, The Netherlands, Agrocares, formerly known as Dutch Sprouts, develops affordable, innovative and efficient solutions for farmers worldwide to monitor the quality of their soil and crops. Using infra-red XRF technology in combination with its proprietary globe-spanning soil database, the company can predict the concentration of soil constituents reliably, in real-time, at low costs and close to the farm. This allows farmers, both in developed and developing markets, to increase their yields (up to 50% per hectare), enhance their revenue and ultimately contribute to solving the world food deficit.

With the world population increasing rapidly, farmers are struggling to cater for the resulting growth in food demand. Unfortunately, only 2% of farmers worldwide currently have access to soil laboratories, mainly in developed countries. Agrocares makes a change, by providing farmers with smart and easy to use tools that inform them about factors that influence their production. With these revolutionary products and a team of highly qualified agricultural experts, Agrocares was ready to enter its next phase.

Nimbus Ventures recognized the growth potential of Agrocares and teamed up with the innovative tech company to accelerate the expansion of its current product portfolio and the rollout of new products in existing and new markets. Providing hands-on expertise, Nimbus Ventures started by supporting the current management with commercial strength. By acting as a sparring partner, both organizational structures and commercial activities have been professionalized. This resulted in positive feedback from the market and a host of new customers eager to start using Agrocares’ products.

Agrocares has already made some significant steps forward and developed an attractive pricing model that is well-perceived by the market. The company also keeps on innovating: its subsidiary SoilCares uses the revolutionary handheld scanner that processes on-the-spot soil tests and gives an adequate lime and fertiliser recommendation within 30 seconds on a smartphone, where another of Agrocares’ business units is preparing a market entry in the feedstock market. Nimbus Ventures is proud to accelerate the growth of innovative ideas that literally feed the world.

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